Running Injuries

65% of all runners will be injured in any year; for every 100 hours of running, the average runner will sustain 1 running injury

More than 600,000 knee replacements are performed each year; this is the most common inpatient procedure performed on adults 45 and older

Treadmills are the number one cause of equipment related injuries, with 575 annual occurrences of falling off and tripping


Achilles tendonitis and Patella tendonitis; are both extremely painful and common cycling injuries, neither of which occur from rowing.

Lower back pain and weak core muscles; these are extremely common for cyclists.

Hunching Shoulders and neck pain, with many of us sitting at desks, cycling may feel good since it is a similar position, but it is not good for your body.  Your body needs open-ness through the chest, shoulders, and neck region.