Myth 1:

Rowing is only an arm workout.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! One of the best benefits of a rowing workout is that it targets your entire body. So while, yes, you do get a great arm workout from rowing, you’re mostly working your legs, core and back. With every stroke, each muscle will be engaged, from head to toe.


Indoor rowing is easy.

If you’ve ever hopped on an erg and thought, “this is simple”, more than likely, your form is incorrect. Getting the most out of your rowing workout is all about technique. Make sure you’re sitting up straight, using your legs for power and always keep an eye on your split time (the big number on the monitor). If you focus on keeping this number low, you’ll be getting a better workout, and you’ll leave sweaty and accomplished!


Faster Movement = More Distance.

You might think that rowing as quickly as you can gets you farther, but that’s not necessarily true. It’s all about the ratio; the more power from your leg drive, the further you’ll see yourself go - it’s a more efficient way to row!

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