as many meters as you can ... ready, set, row!


Start 2018 strong with a month of building strength, improving your endurance and toning your muscles.

We’ll track your meters, provide the calorie-torching workouts and keep you motivated with prizes, special classes and events.

The challenge is open to all levels: First-timers to seasoned rowers. ENROLL NOW!

Tell me more
All meters rowed in Row House classes from Jan. 3 to 31 count toward the challenge. We’ll automatically track your meters rowed, and your progress will be displayed on our challenge leaderboard

How many meters will I row?
As many as you can! We suggest aiming for 100,000 meters. (HINT: That should take about 16 classes to complete).

Due to technical constraints, meters rowed elsewhere or outside class times cannot be included. High five for any extra meters logged!

What’s included?
Your entry fee gets you a spot in our kick off HIIT class and wrap party. Members will receive free entry in our January events, including a 6K row, 10K row and half marathon row.

You’ll also receive wrist bands and a finisher hoodie. Be sure to let us know your size and your motivation for joining the challenge.

How do I get started?
For single class users and introductory package holders, entry is just $20.18.

Members and package holders (5-class package or more), your entry fee is on us! Use code R2R2018

Strap in
To help you achieve your meter goals, we’re offering amazing deals on unlimited membership and classes. 

Resolve 2 Row 2 for 1: $35
Unlimited Month, no contract: $275, includes registration
Unlimited Month + LAUNCH: $350, includes registration (The perfect plan if you're brand new to rowing)

What are those snazzy wristbands everyone’s talking about?
Your registration includes a set of wrist bands you can wear to proudly display your progress: silver to start the challenge, gold for 25K, black for 50K, grey for 75K and white for 100K. Keep an eye out for fellow Resolvers in class!

What classes will get me the most meters?
Remember, your effort dictates how much you row, but our Full Row class is programmed to get you the most meters (6K plus) and our Full Body class will add at least 5K to your tally. Mix up class types to maximize your monthly meters! 

Where can I check the leaderboard?
Keep an eye on your meters here.

My erg glitched and my meters weren’t recorded. What do I do?
Unfortunately, technology hiccups happen and we may not be able to recover your meters. In the event your monitor stops working, please let the front desk know you need to move, and switch to an open machine. Unless you alert a staff member, we won’t be able to track your meters on the new machine.

The fine print
Meters only count between January 3 and January 31. No extensions.
Meters will be logged using the Row House Tracking System.
Meters from up to 2 classes per day will count toward your total meters.