Those who know row.  And no one knows better than runners.  Rowing is an incredible tool that can be used improve and enhance performance.   It helps athletes build endurance, while building strength by working different muscles than running.  In addition, runners can expect to see vast improvements in their posture from the core and back workout from the rowing workout.  Not to mention, it be a replacement to running while you are nursing an injury, or need to give tired, over worked muscles a break without losing momentum in your training.

Our staff is a compilation of well seasoned rowers and marathon runners, including Co-founder and Coach Eric Von Frohlich.  Our programs for runners were designed by athletes who have walked (eh-hem, run) in your shoes before and have first hand experience in training. 

Marathon Training  

  • 50 pack ($23 per class)
  • 16 weeks of weekly check-ins by a coach
  • 30-minute phone consultation with a RH coach
  • Classes do not expire


  • 24-pack ($23 per class)
  • 12 weeks of weekly check-ins by a coach
  • Classes do not expire