Why We Started Row House

We were busy New Yorkers and fitness industry leaders watching all our clients and friends yearn for a workout that provides maximum benefit in minimum time.  We wanted to deliver results efficiently.  We wanted to build bodies up and not break them down.  We wanted one program that spoke to most people. We wanted to deliver real results.  We wanted it to be amongst a community that is inclusive and accepting to all, cherishing those that provide diversity and balance to our experience.  We found the indoor rower - the best piece of cardio and strength equipment in the market.

If you want to get stronger, row. 

If you want to get leaner, row. 

If you want to stand up taller, row. 

The Row House program goes beyond the machine.  We also found the rowing community.  We found its heritage and its discipline. 

At Row House, we are a mixed community of men and women that value health and happiness, and we believe fitness is integral to achieving both. We row because it feels good to be fit and happy and healthy. We row because it relieves stress. We row because it's sustainable fitness.