It Feels Good!

Since rowing is low-impact and non-weight bearing, it won't aggravate old injuries or create new ones!

High-impact activities like running, jumping, and even boxing, put a lot of stress on your joints. They are also weight bearing since you have to support the weight of your body.  These activities are terrible for people with bad knees and ankles.  And especially uncomfortable to those trying to lose weight!

Even if you currently don’t have any injuries or issues, you might eventually. So mix your workout up with a low-impact exercise like rowing!  Another plus:  if you have tight calves (attention runners and high-heel wearers), then rowing is for you! You will stretch out those calves with every stroke.  Bye, Bye foot pain. 


Low Impact

Dealing with knee and ankle issues? Rowing will help keep your knees and ankles in a safe, fixed position while you exercise without putting extra weight on your joints. 

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Non-Weight Bearing

Have your feet and ankles been bothering you? Dealing with plantar fascitis or neuromas?  Rowing will help stretch out your calves which will lead to happier, healthier feet. 


Won't Aggravate injuries

When you have an old injury, its easy to compensate for it by putting extra stress on other parts of your body. When you row, you won't torque your joints, like you may when you get tired from running or spinning. (Torque = twist)