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Join Our Crew


Join Our Crew

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Row House is home of the high energy, low impact, full-body workout for everyone.


Row House is home of the high energy, low impact, full-body workout for everyone.


FULL BODY: Work your upper body, lower body, and core all at once. Our group workout works over 85% of your muscles with every stroke you take!

LOW IMPACT: We are in it to win it which means we need to build our body up; not break it down! Rowing is a low-impact exercise with low risk of injury so we can continue to stay active and fit!

TEAM ENVIRONMENT: At Row House we row as a crew! You can expect an energetic, endorphin-boosting workout in a safe, inspiring, and inclusive environment. Did we mention the great playlists? 

ALL LEVELS: We believe in connection. We believe diversity leads to inspiration. Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced athlete; you will find a home in our crew.

COMMUNITY EVENTS: Find more people like you in our upcoming events - from theme rows to social events to charity rows and competitions. Join us for a social sweat!


House: Get ready for an invigorating full-body cardio burn, infused with high-energy music, rowing, dynamic stretches and body weight calisthenics on and off the erg (rowing machine). All levels are welcome. (45 min)

Power: Challenge your aerobic threshold with bursts of high-energy intervals on and off the erg in this full-body power session. Expect shorter rowing pieces driven by high-octane music that’s guaranteed to make you sweat. (45 min)

Body: Sculpt and tone your body to upbeat tracks in this  cardio and strength interval class. Perfect for beginning rowers or those looking for shorter row segments. Suitable for all levels; expect a little extra muscular burn. (45 min)

RestoreRebuild and re-energize your body and mind with our signature blend of smooth purposeful rowing and dynamic stretching. Experience therapeutic energy and postural benefits in this moderate intensity active recovery class. (45 min)

Full Row: Challenge your body and mind in a high-energy, full rowing class that focuses on meters, endurance, cardio and strength building. Develop your stamina and feel strong, capable and empowered! Expect a lot of rowing with a short break of dynamic stretches. (45 min)

Tune-Up: By appointment only, this private skills session will provide more hands on attention so you get your stroke down. (30 min) 


THOSE WHO KNOW ROW: Rowing is long-recognized by serious athletes as one of the most effective forms of full-body exercise. At the same time, our program is designed to be inclusive (and deliver quick results!) to those who are de-conditioned.  Why work different muscles on different days, when you can work them all in one workout with us?

Benefits include:
— Burn over 800 calories per workout
— Increased strength throughout your body
— Elevate your heart rate; lift your VO2 max
Get leaner and lose weight
— Increase your mental clarity & focus
— Be motivated as you scale and progress
— Measure your progress with the monitor


Here are our frequently asked questions, especially useful for first timers.

Here is more detail on our classes.

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Be in the know

Be in the know


  • Pioneer of the rowing machine workouts that are all the rage among calorie-torching fashion insiders
    — Elle Magazine
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    — Time Out
  • Rowing machines are the new stars of boutique fitness
    — The Wall Street Journal
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