First time?

I'm new, what is Row House like? 
Welcome! We have first-timers in every class.  At Row House, you will get a wonderful cardio workout. Our program will work your entire body from head to toe, after all you do work "Every Muscle in Every Stroke". Rowing is low-impact so it is safe and extremely efficient. Expect lots of rowing on the Concept 2 Indoor Rower, interspersed with a variety of intervals on the floor all set to high-energy music. Learn more about our class types. 

Who teaches Row House® classes?
Row House® coaches come to us with various backgrounds but all share a common passion for the erg — some are competitive rowers, some simply love rowing for fitness or to cross train.  Regardless of their background, all Row House coaches are here to show you why this is the best full-body cardio workout — and make you feel at home! Just remember to try out a few different coaches, and have an open mind if you are new! To learn more about our team, please click here.

Will I be the only new person in class? 
Absolutely not! We have a full spectrum of experience and skill levels in our classes. If you are new, please make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before your first class so we can get necessary paperwork completed and show you around. If you are newer to Row House (have come in less than 5 times), please make sure the coach knows so that they can give you some extra help as you get more used to how we row!

I've never been on an erg before, can I come to Row House®?
Absolutely! We can't wait to help you get familiar with the rowing machine (erg). Come a few minutes before class so we can be sure to get you situated and ready to row. And please make sure you tell the coach that you are new so we can help get you situated. It may take a few classes before you really "get it" and become addicted to rowing like the rest of us.  

Why doesn't rowing feel hard?
At first, it may feel easy if you aren't properly recruiting your muscle groups. Grab the coach and ask for help if you need to figure out how to work harder. The fittest athletes work their hardest on rowing machines!

Do you offer Private Training? 
Yes! We offer private sessions for people who want to get started, and people who are established rowers looking to get better. We also do private group sessions and private events. Contact us at 212.757.6035 (Columbus Circle) or 646.850.0540 (Chelsea) for more details.

What is the difference between your classes? How do I know which one is right for me? 
Classes vary by time on the rower, and intensity. Learn more here

What should I bring?
At our Chelsea and Columbus Circle location, we have sweat towels as well as shower towels, and all of the necessities to take a shower. We have water for purchase as well as a water fountain to refill, because we have recently gone green, we do not carry cups — but we do sell our Row House water bottle! 

What not to bring?
We love having you sweat with us and welcome your friends and family. We do not, however, allow four-legged friends in the studio. If you have a service or support animal, please contact us prior to booking your class so we can plan accordingly.

What is the proper attire for a Row House class?
We recommend clothing that is form fitting. Baggy clothes can get caught in the machine. You will need sneakers as well.

What are your prices?
We offer both packages and memberships. Check out our pricing options here. 10% discount available for students, firefighters, police, military — ID required.

Is Row House for you?

I have on-water rowing experience, is Row House for me?
Yes! We have had some very great accolades from friends from the water (including US Rowing, Williams Crew, Columbia Crew, Fordham Crew, Row New York, Cambridge Crew, and more). While we think you will enjoy the Row House Full Body class, we'd also love you to come join us for our Row House Express or Endurance classes! 

I'm over 50, is Row House for me?
Yes! Our Founder’s cousin, Emery Lang, took up rowing at 60 years old - and rowed 30 minutes on an erg every day until the age of 93! Read his story about why you are never to old to start rowing!

I'm pregnant, is Row House for me?
Yes! As long as your doctor has cleared you for exercise, and you are comfortable doing it — you can certainly Row with us during your pregnancy. In fact, we think you will really enjoy and benefit from the strength and stretch that the workout offers!  Remember that eating enough, and drinking enough fluids are extremely important during pregnancy. Also, make sure to tell your instructor when you come in — so they can help you monitor your intensity level. When pregnant, you should steer clear of lying on the floor and twisting. We can provide modifications for you if those moves are in your class.

I'm overweight, is Row House for me?
Yes! Each rowing machine can accommodate up to 500 pounds. Rowing is low impact and it is certainly one of the most effective forms of exercise offering a low risk of injury. 


What is the best way to book my classes?
Book online or through our app.  We are also available through the Mind Body app.

How far in advance do you suggest I book my classes?
We recommend booking your row at least 7 days in advance, as certain class times fill up quickly. Make sure to subscribe to get emails from us so you can stay up to speed on new studios, schedule changes, special events, challenges and more.

If a class is full, is it worth putting my name on the wait list?
Yes! Row House clients are asked to cancel 24 hours prior to the class. There are always people who cancel, making it very possible that you will get into class. If you do get added to a class, you will receive an e-mail notification and we will assume you will be attending. If you realize that you can no longer attend the class, then please remove yourself from the wait list. There are also frequently people who don't show up for class, so feel free to come over and try and get on an erg! Since we know you don't want to miss a workout, you can also check out our EVF 360 schedule at 

Can I share my package with someone else?
Row House packages are for your use only.  However, if you would like to purchase classes for another person, we can help you do so easily!  Please make sure that your guest has an account and you can purchase classes for them through the App or by giving us a call!

What is your class cancellation policy?
If you can't make class, we ask for a 24-hour notice so that your class wont be forfeited. Our space in Row House is limited, so this gives us ample time to give someone else your rowing machine. 

What is your membership cancellation policy?
For memberships, we require a 30-day cancellation notice.

What if I am injured and unable to use my classes? 
All class packages have a 6-month expiration. If your injury requires a prolonged resting period, please contact us and we will accommodate on a case-by-case basis. 

Can I freeze my membership for work travel?

  • One week notice required, prior to freeze date  
  • If billing has occurred, we will issue the appropriate credit to future dues upon your return to Row House 
  • We can only freeze up to 2 weeks minimum, 2 months maximum
  • Clients can only freeze 3x calendar year (January – December)
  • Freezes cannot be schedule in succession$15/month freeze fee will be automatically charged to your credit card, no prorating
  • The front desk provides the client with the freeze form to fill out and confirms start and end date of free

Can I freeze my membership for medical reasons?

  • Client needs to give a one-week notice prior to freeze date, if possible
  • If billing has occurred, we will issue the appropriate credit to future dues upon your return to Row House
  • The front desk provides the client with the freeze form to fill out with a start and end date
  • Medical freezes must be accompanied by doctor’s note to start and medical clearance to end
  • Medical freeze needs an end date and can be adjusted if recovery is longer
  • No charge

When I go to the Mind Body scheduler, it keeps bringing up another studio that I have been to.  What is wrong?
This is because you are logged in to another Mind Body Studio. Simply press log out on Mind Body and then go back and click the link again, and you should be fine. Or, download the Mind Body Connect App, which should help take care of this problem since you can book classes for multiple studios at once.

How can I stay in touch with Row House®?
Please friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @rowhousenyc. Be sure to also sign up to receive our email. If you'd like to download our Row House phone app, click here for Android or here for Apple.

Where is Row House located?
Row House has a few locations: Right outside of Columbus Circle at 559 West 59th Street, between 10th and 11th Ave (closer to 11th), in the heart of Chelsea at 269 W. 23rd Street on the corner of 23rd and 8th Ave.

Do you have a bike rack?
Our different locations vary in what we offer. Please choose a location for further info:  Columbus Circle    Chelsea 

Do you have locker rooms?
We have full bathrooms and changing rooms. For more information, please visit our studio pages:  Columbus Circle    Chelsea 

Do you offer student discounts?
Yes! 10% off. 

Do you host company, holiday, or private events?
Yes we do, click here for more information

Can I buy a Row House shirt?
Yes! You can. You can purchase in person, or online for pick-up in studio. Or, if you can't make it into the studio, we can ship it out to you! As Lindsay M. said in her Yelp review, "Stop at the check-in desk to purchase your Row House 1.0 threads. Pretty sure this studio is going to be a hot hit and these first generation t-shirts might be worth big bucks someday!"

What is EVF?
EVF Performance is our "brother" brand- with two facilities, one of which is in the downstairs of our Columbus Circle Row House location. Click here to learn more about EVF. Check out EVF360 if you would like to do a more varied strength and conditioning small group class. Or, check out CrossFit or CrossFit Kids at EVF!