At Row House, we burn calories and tone our muscles all at once. A rowing based workout regimen will tone you head to toe, burn calories, and have you standing stronger and taller than before. Our exercise minutes yield optimal results. We keep each other accountable and push further together than we would alone. 

Choose from our classes to pick your perfect rowing-based workout routine:


Get ready for an invigorating 45-minute full-body cardio burn, infused with high-energy music, rowing, dynamic stretches and body weight calisthenics on and off the erg (rowing machine). All levels are welcome and encouraged to join the crew in this efficient and effective high-cardio experience.

Great for all levels. New rowers welcome.


In this 45-minute full-body power session, get ready to challenge your aerobic threshold with bursts of high-energy intervals on and off the erg (rowing machine). Expect shorter rowing pieces driven by high-octane music that’s guaranteed to make you sweat.

Great for beginner rowers. High intensity class. Low impact with high impact alternatives. 


Sculpt and tone your body to upbeat tracks in this 45-minute interval class that engages your full body by combining cardio and strength on and off the erg (rowing machine). Great option for beginning rowers or even those who are looking for moderate sessions with shorter row segments. Suitable for all levels, especially those who want a little extra muscular burn.

Great for beginner rowers. Moderate intensity. Low impact. 

Full row

Challenge your body and mind in a high-energy, full-rowing class that focuses on meters, endurance, cardio and strength building. Develop your stamina on the erg (rowing machine) with this program that’s designed to make you feel strong, capable and empowered! Expect a lot of rowing with a short break of dynamic stretches.

Longer rowing pieces. High intensity class. 


Rebuild and re-energize your body and mind with our signature blend of smooth purposeful rowing and dynamic stretching. Experience therapeutic energy and postural benefits in this moderate intensity, active recovery class. Great for anyone who’s rehabbing an injury or just wants a day to rejuvenate and recover.

Moderate intensity class. More stretching.