At Row House, we burn calories and tone our muscles all at once. A rowing based workout regimen will tone you head to toe, burn calories, and have you standing stronger and taller than before. Our exercise minutes yield optimal results. We keep each other accountable and push further together than we would alone. 

Choose from our classes to pick your perfect rowing-based workout routine:

Row House Sculpt

In this moderate intensity 45-minute class, you will sculpt and tone as you alternate between cardio intervals on the rowing machine and sculpting moves using dumbbells beside the machine. This low-impact, full body workout will target your upper body, lower body, and core while you break a gentle sweat.

Great For Beginner Rowers. Moderate Intensity.  Low Impact. 


This is an intense rowing sweat session. Sculpt your body head to toe with bodyweight exercises and burn loads of calories. You will challenge your fitness as you intersperse bodyweight training with rowing intervals all set to have you working at a high intensity.

Great For Beginner Rowers. High Intensity class. Low Impact with High Impact Alternatives. 


Our signature full-body, low-impact class, will spend most of its time on the rowing machine.  Using rowing drills, you will tone your body and burn calories working every muscle with every stroke.  This workout is perfect for people looking to build their cardio endurance without the impact of running.   Rowing is also a wonderful strengthening workout since you use over 85% of your muscles from legs, to core to arms.  The class will provide some off rower time with strength moves to bring you back onto the rowing machine for more full body, sweat creating, calorie burning work!  

Great for all levels. New rowers welcome.  Try our intensive RH Launch program for a more detailed understanding of rowing for fitness.

ROW HOUSE Competition

This advanced class, is mostly taught by experience rowers.  Tone your body and burn calories working every muscle with every stroke.  This low-impact class will provide minimal off rower time and you will row many meters with a variety of drills.  Join us for this full body, sweat creating, calorie burning work!  

Longer Rowing Pieces. High intensity class. Advanced Rowers Please.


If you enjoy rowing, expect more mindfulness and more stretching while you get your body moving.   This class is about cardio, strength, alignment and flexibility. 

Moderate Intensity class. More Stretching.