Our Row House coaches give their best tips on how to stay on-track with diet and fitness this summer and still enjoy these three months of warmth and sunshine.

  1. Drink lots of water. Hydration is key - Dre

  2. Get some equipment-free cardio while on vacation by simply walking from locale to locale - Erin

  3. Hit the grocery store at the start of your vacation to cover healthy breakfasts and lunches, save the treats for dinner

  4. Stick to routine as much as you can, even when you're traveling. Sure, take the weekend off to go somewhere fun, but make sure you get a workout in while you're there. Even if there's no gym - you've still got your body! We do plenty of great body-weight exercises in Row House that can be extended out into a full workout. Try combining any of the moves we do into a 20, 30, 40 minute workout. Mix it up with some running, and you're on your way to keeping your fitness routine while on the road. - Spencer

  5. Craft a workout routine to which you can adhere when on vacation. For example, combine favorite exercises from Row House HIIT classes -- like squats jumps, burpees, and planks -- to create a cardio routine you can complete in a hotel room, on the beach, and anywhere in between. - Macy

  6. Load up on lots of fruits, vegetables and protein. - Gretchen

  7. Not using eating out or vacations as excuses to eat unhealthy. Think about what you're ordering off the menu and try to keep it within your diet - Jon

  8. Regarding food, give yourself a 15-minute waiting period before a splurge and ask yourself 3 questions: Am I hungry? Is this worth it? Will I feel better after I eat this? If the answer to all 3 is yes, go for it, and then move forward. If not, make a different choice.  - Kristie

  9. As far as workouts go, if you find yourself skipping class for happy hour, switch to morning or lunchtime workouts. The sun is up early, so waking up for a sweat session might not be as tough as it is in the winter. If that's not an option, try turning your workout into your happy hour. Grab a few friends and hit a class and a healthy dinner after together. - Kristie

  10. It's all about balance everything in moderation that way your cravings don't turn into binge eating. Treat yourself eat the ice cream maybe just not the whole pint and if you do do an extra workout, take the stairs, walk a few extra blocks the next meal is a chance to start over. - Bethany