It’s baaaaaackk. Our 45 minute RH Restore class is back by popular demand. Remember, recovery isn’t for wimps, it’s necessary to get you back on track to work harder and more effectively on your non-recovery days.

Oh you’ll still sweat in this class, but you’ll have a bit more focus on the mind, stretching and rhythm.  

Here’s five ways our Restore Class is designed to restore… 

  1. The motion of rowing is naturally restorative! You stretch your legs and open your posture in every stroke.

  2. The vibe of this class is restorative - not go, go, go, just move through your full body motion at a pace that feels right to re-energize you and build you up not break you down.

  3. To compliment our restorative rowing, we will do a flow of floor moves.. Think stretches from your fitness class and or your yoga world.. Its the row house spin on how to keep the most fluid body. (ok thats not the copy but that’s the idea).

  4. Perfect workout for when you want to keep moving but not in a go-go - go atmosphere

  5. If you are coming back or giving extra attention to an injury - you can do that in this workout

Its a mind escape… all about the rhythm and the breath.

If you have questions, write them in the comments below and we'd be happy to get back to you.