Name: Brady W.

Row House Studio:
UES and Columbus Circle

When did you get involved in Row House? I took my first Row House class on 10/18/16.

Do you remember your first workout? I remember my first workout because it felt so new to me - it was a complete body workout that was fun, engaged muscles I hadn’t really been working before, and didn’t leave me feeling completely defeated. I remember telling Gretchen after class that rowing left me feeling GREAT and the best kind of sore the next day.

What were your goals when you first started at Row House? My initial goal was to lose weight, and I just wanted to find an entertaining way to do it. 

How have you grown? Since my first Row House workout, I’ve lost 35 pounds, developed a consistent training program, cleaned up my eating (also thanks to The Whole30), and have noticed a total shift in my attitude, energy level, motivation, and productivity.  It’s been a great time in my life and I’m very excited to continue nurturing that.

What do you enjoy most about Row House? I enjoy the emphasis on form and performance.  It’s easy for everyone to have a very unique and individual experience there while working side-by-side in the same classes. It’s great for those who like competition and those who want to track their progress privately. Those who want to silently conquer their goals and those who want a welcoming support system! I recommend it to everyone.

What motivates you? Progress motivates me.  It has led to success in all other areas of my life. Developing a strong body and mind has led to better performance in the gym, but also at work, home, with my friends, and other projects that I have going on. 

Do you have any advice for new members? My advice for new members is to commit to trying 100%. You need to decide that NOW is the time to make a change and see it through.  And if you’re unsure if now is a good time for you - talk to the staff! I had to ask a number of questions when I first got involved because it was such a new experience for me. But committing made it so worth it.

Brady can be seen frequenting Gretchen's HIIT class!