Coach Erin gives us the inside scope on bad knees, running marathons, and how rowing is the perfect cross-training! 

RH: Have you ever run a half marathon before?

Erin: This will actually be my first foray back into competition since hanging up my competitive racing oars, and I could not be more excited to get back into training mode. And what better place than the most beautiful place in the world, Yosemite National Park in California! The Half lets me ease back into training with the ability to track tangible, incremental goals along the way- making each training session an opportunity for a check mark in the “win” column.

RH: Can you tell us a little about why have you have chosen to incorporate rowing into your half marathon training plan?

Erin: My knees have a nasty habit of not keeping up with what my mind thinks I’m capable of. I have designed my training regimen to alternate between running and rowing which gives my joints a low impact, highly efficient alternative to grinding out the miles.  Rowing builds endurance, improves my strength and increases my stamina - just without the wear and tear of running.

RH: Can you give us an overview of what your half marathon training plan looks like and how you’re executing it?

Erin: The journey of 13.1 miles began with a single step (proceeded by however many steps it took to run one single mile). My knees have kept me from basing my training solely on running. Instead, I mix in rowing classes throughout the week that serve not only as indoor cross training, but keep my knees healthy while still allowing my body to build up long distance stamina. My weekday running steps are reserved for shorter speed work.

I make sure to end each training session (both running and rowing) with foam rolling and a protein rich snack within 30 minutes of taking my last stride/stroke to facilitate muscle recovery and prime my body for tomorrow’s challenge.

RH: What advice would you give someone who is looking to train for a half marathon?


  1. Listen to your body.

  2. Begin and end each training session with intention.

  3. Celebrate your daily victories, whether it’s hitting a certain number of meters on the erg or miles on foot, both put you that much closer to making it through 13.1 miles.


Coach Erin Landy coaches regularly at the Columbus Circle and Chelsea studios, her classes include the fan favorite Competition Row! Besides her love of running, Erin is beyond knowledgable on all things Georgetown, Jeopardy, and Beyonce! 

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