Why spend your time exercising only half your body, when you could be using it all?

Rowing is the ultimate fully-body workout.
That's right, rowing includes legs, back, ab, and arm day - all in 1 session.

 Unlike other group fitness classes, rowing utilizes your entire range of motion. You can expect to engage all your major muscle groups from head to toe, hence the full body. And once you finish the workout you leave feeling like you've learned about muscles you didn't even know you had! 

The top 9 places you'll hit each time you row:

1. Quads – which are crucial to walking, running, running and squatting!

2. Glutes – your butt is responsible for movement in your hips and thighs…  

3. Hamstrings – controls your flexibility and knees when they are bent

4. Lats – a very powerful rotator of the trunk, and midsection

5. Core – provides you with stability and control

6. Shoulders – we all know how much these get used!

7. Triceps – are crucial for controlling your forearm, and hand movements control

8. Back – protects your spine, and allows you to be upright

9. Biceps – this muscle is essential in the function of lifting your forearm  


BONUS: You also get great Cardio (which we all know is pumping your heart muscle!)