Name: Tali C. 

Quote: I always leave with a smile.

Row House Studio:
I love them all! 
I love the energy at Chelsea and Columbus Circle, but UES is so convenient I go there too!

When did you get involved in Row House? Around December 2015, a friend suggested I take a class with her. We are both runners, but she said this is a great cross training workout for us and really gets the muscles we need working. I started and fell in love immediately. Since then I've done Resolve2Row both last year and this year, and a half marathon. 

What do you enjoy most about Row House? The workout itself is a great combination of cardio and strength training, but it's non impact which is good for me. I sweat it out and love every minute. 

What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed? At first I didn't have set goals, since I was using Row House as a way to get stronger and vary my workouts. As I got into it, that did change. Main goal: chase that 1:59 split! For me that will require a whole lot of consistency.  

What motivates you? To be a better me. To get stronger. 

Do you have any advice for new members? At first it may be a bit confusing and you may not understand what the hell stroke rate and splits mean – just stick with it. You'll get it after a few classes, you'll get stronger, you'll get used to the numbers you see and you'll know how to evaluate if you're getting better and stronger (you definitely will!). Mainly, just have fun. 

Tali can be seen frequenting our RH Full Body classes!