Our coaches share their tips and tricks on how to stay healthy this holiday season.

Make healthy swaps

Macy, her mom and grandmother gather in December to bake candies, cookies and cakes for her family to enjoy through the Christmas season. This year she's mandating swapping out traditional ingredients for healthy alternatives.

"We’re replacing regular flour with coconut flour, regular milk and almond milk, and (if I can convince my Southern grandmother), avocado for butter. Chia and flax seeds may even be making an appearance in her kitchen this year!" Here's a list of other relevant replacements holiday bakers and cooks can consider in the coming weeks.


She's also petitioning to replace an afternoon nap on Christmas day with a family fun run. "As of now, I’m the only registered participant, but I’m optimistic."

Up your cardio

Caley plans to up her cardio and conditioning this month. "I love lifting weights, but I’m going to make sure that I’m rowing a lot to stay trim! I also find that rowing specifically does wonders for the abs!"

Maintain your current routine

Tom suggests sticking as close as you can to your workout and eating schedule. "Keep that alarm set (maybe sleep in an extra hour) and get moving! Even if your only option involves lacing up your running shoes and doing a body weight circuit, you'll feel better for maintaining that commitment to yourself."

For a great full body workout you can do anywhere, try 3x10 minutes running (or your favorite low-impact alternative) at a moderate pace. Between pieces, knock out your 5 favorite floor moves from Row House's full body class for 1 minute each. Try squats, walkouts, push-ups, lunges, planks, and finish up with double squats to really hit your buns for the holidays!


Try something new

Use travel as an opportunity to try something new, Tom suggests. "Never done a bootcamp or always wanted to pop into a boxing class? Explore your location and take a vacation from your routine to keep things interesting!"

Move every day

Spencer makes it a priority to get in motion at least once per day. "I know it's tempting to kick back and relax while you're off for the holidays, but staying active is going to boost your metabolism in the face of all those holiday sweets. Even if it's just getting outside for a walk, make sure you do something active every day!"

Enlist a friend and sweat together

Find a buddy or two (brother/sister, mom/dad, cousin who's home for the holidays) and sweat. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, be creative!