When you meet this Georgia-peach, you'll isntantly be graced with Southern-Hospitality that abounds like nothing you've ever seen! Macy came to the Row House family by way of her four-legged friend, Goose. One fall day in 2016, Goose took an unexpected right turn, causing Macy to severely break her leg. With a long road to recovery, Macy stumbled upon Row House and never looked back... 

Meet Macy: 

Row House Birthdate:  I took my first class in January 2017 and I taught my first class in June 2017. 

Why do you like rowing?  Rowing was a key part of my physical (and mental) recovery after I broke my right leg in October 2016. I was a cardio-aholic prior to the accident that left me immobile for a few months. Rowing, which is low-impact enough to accommodate a leg injury, gave me my cardio back. 

(On a less sentimental note, I’m a shameless bikini enthusiast — so any exercise that tones my legs, arms, and abs at the same time (lookin’ at you, erg) is my jam.)

What do you feel is your strength as a row house coach? I’m fairly new (but highly committed!) to both the fitness space and rowing world, so you can trust me with your most clueless exercise and rowing-related questions and I promise not to judge you. We’re on a wellness adventure together, y’all!

How do you want your rowers to feel during your class? I want rowers to sweat, smile, and seek out their best split times — then, leave class feeling totally empowered.

What are three adjectives to describe your class?  Spirited, sassy, and super sweaty. 

Outside of Row house, or rowing what do you do for fitness?  Catch me jogging through Central Park with my 107-pound yellow lab (and best friend), Goose. 

What is your biggest rowing accomplishment (on erg or water)?  Finding a sport that’s fun, keeps me fit, and has introduced me to a whole new community in big ole New York City (shout out to my Row House fam) is both an accomplishment and a dream come true. 

Where are you from?  I hail from a small town in the Northeast Georgia mountains.

 Macy can be found on the schedule at Row House Columbus Circle + Chelsea most weekends.

Macy can be found on the schedule at Row House Columbus Circle + Chelsea most weekends.