What made you gravitate towards rowing as your workout? 
I tried Row House on a whim (last summer, I think) when it popped up on my ClassPass. About 5 years ago I was 300 lbs, depressed and drinking myself to death. I don't say that for pity, that's just where I was. I got sober and picked up running shoes. I ran off about 125 lbs and have completed numerous races, half marathons, a couple of marathons and a Spartan Trifecta last year. I am a new person and constantly looking for challenges in my life and my fitness. I hadn't rowed before, but it seemed to fit my body and I felt good doing it. I kept coming to class and felt like I'd found a groove. When the Chelsea studio location opened near my work, I started rowing with Row House very regularly.

What changes have you felt since you started (physically, mentally, emotionally)?
The most drastic change has been mental. I like that in rowing, you create your own resistance. It is only as hard as you can make it. I'm pretty competitive, with myself especially, so I love to see the split go down as I work my way through each and every class. Its terrific being able to track my progress.  As most of the coaches say, "You can do anything for 1 minute!" The physical aspect has been great too. I recently completed my 16th half-marathon, being that I was training during the winter I didn't get as much running training as I'd prefer, but I still had a great race. I have a sneaky suspicion it was all the rowing!

What continues to motivate you?
Personal milestones motivate me a lot. If you would have said to me 5 years ago I would LIKE to get up at 6 AM and run, I would have called you crazy. The adrenaline, the amazing support system I have, and being a role model keeps me on my toes!

What advice do you have to others out there who are in a similar situation as you were when you first began with Row House?
Just start. You have nothing to lose. I always say, "the worst thing that can happen when you go to work out is; you get sweaty and have to take a shower after." Make it fun for yourself. The hardest part about working out is getting out the door. Just get to class. It's worth it, I promise.