This past week, Mary Seem beat the record for total meters rowed over 24 consecutive hours for U.S. Women. She also beat the world record in her age group (20-29). 

Row House was honored to host Mary for her record breaking challenge, offering 8 classes during this time for the opportunity to row alongside Mary. 

Mary began her attempt to break the record on Sunday, October 11th at 2:01PM, finishing 24 hours and 251,288 meters later. She passed the record for her age bracket just after 10AM and passed the U.S. Women’s record in her final hour. In addition to the personal satisfaction of such an achievement, Mary raised money for charities close to her heart. 

If you’re interested in donating, visit Mary's website for more information. 

How far did Mary row? Approximately 156 miles.

Distance Rowed

Concept2 (the company who makes the rowing machines we have in our studios) is responsible for all record keeping for indoor rowing. Mary’s accomplishments haven’t been updated yet, but you can find current records here: 24-Hour Row Records.

This feat was definitely not an easy one. Mary shares more on her blog about her training leading up to the event, but we wanted to share one of her mantra’s to help her mentally through some of her longer rows…

“the time will always be counting down”

Mary is an inspiration to us, both physically and mentally. Yes, this is definitely a good mentality if you’re struggling through a tough workout, but we also think it is a great daily reminder. Mary made her time count, will you?

Mary was joined by friends and family to support her through the challenge

Row Mary Row 1
row mary row 2
Row Mary Row 3

Mary stayed strong through the very last meter

row mary row 4
 Mary's final stroke!

Mary's final stroke!

row mary row 5
 She was pretty happy to be out of those foot stretchers!

She was pretty happy to be out of those foot stretchers!

Per Concept2 requirements, the individual must row within each of the 24 hours. A log must be kept and signed by a witness to verify performance.

row mary row 8
row mary row 9

Even after 24 hours, it was all smiles when time was up!

row mary row 10
row mary row 11
row mary row 12