I took a poll of people in an imaginary gym, and found these reasons for not using the rowing machine.

There’s no TV attached or shelf for my magazines. I can’t exercise without any entertainment to distract me.

I need to multi-task.  As in I actually have to use my arms and legs at the same time?

I tried it once, and hurt my back. Someone told me to tighten my stomach as I rowed.  Silly.  It is a back machine not an ab machine. I’m not going back.

Down there? You’re practically sitting on the floor. No one can check out my handsome/beautiful body as I exercise so handsomely/beautifully!  [Flips hair.]

The truth is, when you increase your proficiency and technique at rowing it becomes more of an experience than a workout. Eric Von Frohlich co-owner and co-founder of Row House NYC starts off by schooling us in proper form and technique. He gives detailed no BS correctional cues, which your lower back will appreciate. I quickly realize how much endurance this sport requires, and I love the challenge.

After the warm-up, Eric pumps up the music and the real sweat fest begins. Don’t worry,  you will not be rowing for an hour straight. There are tough full body intervals as well. Yay! Then just when you think you’re out of steam, and you’re one stroke away from a Charlie horse he tells us to close our eyes, and imagine our boat lifting up out of the water. The air from the fan suddenly turned into an ocean breeze, the room full of people became a boatful of unstoppable forces, and you are the master of the moment….

Well, when that happens (and it will), rowing is pretty awesome. Row House NYC will lead you on a journey, and help you find that moment. 

This is no boat house made of timber that smells of seven-day old fish, where the water hose is as close as you’ll get to a real shower. This is a state of the art, brand spanking new facility located on the ground floor of a beautiful residential building. There is a second floor devoted to EVF Performance which entails varied strength and conditioning CrossFit classes.

Don’t miss the boat! The rowing machine is one of the best calorie-burning pieces of cardio equipment you’re not using. The classes are fun, and you will see results.