Don't miss the boat!  Row House is the next big thing in boutique fitness and in true early-adopter form, I was excited to be among the first customers to take a class in the gorgeous new Midtown West digs.  Their branding is terrific and the website makes me feel like I'm browsing a glam + glossy boarding school supplement with super hot + super fit instructors.  The owners, Debra and Eric, are movers and shakers in the NYC fitness scene and it's no surprise that they didn't overlook any important details when crafting the Row House NYC experience.

There are 15 stationary rowers in the studio.  There is a very cool black and white mural on the left side of the room and if you channel the preppy crew dream hard enough, you just might feel like you're really livin' it.  The workout begins with a technique demonstration and some basic drills to get the hang of things and then expect a mix of timed intervals on the rower with plyometric-style exercises (think lunges, squats, burpees, sit ups, pushups, V-ups, planks, etc) in between ergs.  Instructors are positive, helpful, and do a great job creating a sense of community in the class.  I was fatigued after class, but I felt strong and upright (similar to the feeling I get from a great yoga class or pilates reformer session).  You'll want to bring water, or purchase one available at reception.

Stop at the check-in desk to purchase your Row House 1.0 threads.  Pretty sure this studio is going to be a hot hit and these first generation t-shirts might be worth big bucks someday!