New York City, it has been a full month since we opened the doors to Row House and we want to say “Thank You!” For those who haven’t visited yet, we are two blocks west of Columbus Circle and we’ve had guests from every borough. We suppose everyone is catching on that rowing is more than just a fitness trend, it is quite possibly the best exercise you can give your body. Add Row House’s innovative integration of floor work for core and strength, and you have a serious workout! Then crank up the tunes and throw in the nicest, most knowledgeable and talented trainers in the city, and you’ve got serious fun! It’s no wonder we are a happy crew here. But you already knew that. But did you know that EVF/ Row House has become a hot spot for the “sweat set” – kind of like the “jet set,” but in much better shape. 

Chris Cuomo.jpg

Anyhoo, we may be outta line here, but we tend to take full responsibility for Chris Cuomo looking as good as he does every morning on CNN’s New Day.  He regularly trains with Eric and took his first Row House class this weekend.  You can see from his smile that he’s having a pretty darn good time!

We love that so many guests have come because of the House of Cards influence!  Everybody’s favorite Washington power couple, Frank and Claire Underwood tend to use their erg for lonely, joyless stress relieving rows. We think they would definitely appreciate the erg even more if they took the AmTrak north to NYC and came by Row House for a really fun workout with a roomful of our favorite power brokers…or at least some members of the “sweat set.”  Our trainers could probably give them some tips on their technique as well.


Please check back here often to see what we’re up to. Row House has some huge treats in store for you, including our special Glow Row class and some special activities we have when the weather warms up.  If you haven’t tried us yet, then what are you waiting for?  Book a class now!  Don’t miss the boat!

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