Meet the Crew: Coach Jon


Jon joined the Row House team in April 2017. The Kansas native is a former college rower. Check out his classes at Row House Chelsea Friday nights!

What do you do when you're not rowing?
When I'm not at Row House, I love all kinds of outdoor activities — snowboarding, surfing, hiking, and any kind of pick-up sport. Other fitness types that I love: CrossFit, yoga, and other fun fitness classes around the city!

What's your favorite music to work out to?
I really love rowing to electronic music because of the rhythm. It makes it so easy to get into the swing of the stroke.

What's your favorite class type to teach?
I love teaching Full Row classes. As a former college rower, they remind me so much of the practices and get me truly back in that competitive mindset.

What's your fitness background?
Growing up, I played extremely competitive sports. I played football, basketball, and baseball in high school, then took a baseball scholarship for college. After a year of baseball, I decided to hang up the cleats and joined the rowing team at my university. Best decision I ever made! That's where I really gained a passion for fitness.

What's your favorite distance to row?
I was always better at longer distance pieces, but every competitive rower loves to compete in the 2K. For workouts I like to row 5Ks or 6Ks, and to compete the shorter distances are definitely more fun.

What's your go to breakfast?
Four scrambled eggs with peanut butter toast and a chocolate protein shake.

What's your favorite TV show right now?
Even though I'm impatiently waiting for the next season, it has to be Game of Thrones!

What do you enjoy most about working at Row House?
The community! Everyone involved is such a positive and moving person. It's so inspirational every time I walk into the studio.

What's your guilty pleasure?
Ice cream! So, so much ice cream!

What's a food you can't live without?
Right now I am obsessed with acai bowls.

Favorite book/currently reading?
"The Martian" by Andy Weir.



Meet the Crew Member: Knut-Jørgen


Knut-Jørgen Rishaug
Occupation: User Experience Designer
Hometown: I grew up in Paris, but come from a tiny place in a remote fjord of Norway.

How/when did you get involved in Row House? 
Two years ago I was looking for something to replace my running routine due to an ankle/leg injury. After walking past the Row House in Chelsea a few times, I decided to give it a try and quickly got hooked.

Do you remember your first workout? How was it?
I have never been a class person, so it was quite strange to jump into that type of environment. But I liked it. It struck the perfect combination of a group pushing me to perform, while allowing me to focus on my own performance and motivation as well. 

I do admit I was destroyed after the first class. I think I had a week break before I came back, but I did come back. From then on, I quickly fell into a routine of showing up Sunday mornings, then Wednesdays, then Mondays, then … a lot more.

How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.? 
Endurance wise, my body tolerates a lot more now compared to before I started rowing. The combination of set routines (class types) and data (monitor) makes it easy to understand where I’m slacking (I mean paddling) vs. pushing in a session, so I can be focused on both in class and prepare for new classes while still having fun!  

I notice I’m a lot more focused when rowing now, compared to just a year ago — something that reflects onto other aspects of my life, including work and family.


What's your workout history like? How is Row House different than what you've done before?
I mainly did “solo” activities prior to Row House: Rock climbing, kayaking, long distance running. When living in Norway, you have a lot of nature around you, so these types of activities are easy to access. After moving to New York, running and boxing became my focus. 

What do you enjoy most about Row House? 
I’m repeating what most others say when asked this question, but the community and staff at Chelsea is what I enjoy the most. There are a lot of fun and interesting people to get to know!

What keeps you coming back?
Aside from the community and great coaches, I have to admit that I’m a stats geek, so having a computer in front of me that tells me how well I’m performing at any given time gives me an itch to come back to improve and optimize my sessions. I may or may not have a spreadsheet with all that data in there ...

What's your favorite class type and movement?
Full Row classes is by far my favorite type. I’m stronger on long runs than shorter ones and enjoy the challenge of keeping SPM under control while maxing out splits on longer intervals.

Do you have any advice for new members?          
Say hi! The Row House crowd is a great bunch of people to hang out with!

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year? 
I set out this year with two goals in mind: Row at least 1 million meters (almost there … ) and shave 15 seconds of my 2k time from last year. 

How would you describe yourself?         
In controlled panic mode — got a kid coming August! 



Meet the Crew Member: Akila


Akila R. Simon
Occupation: Child Health & Emergencies, UNICEF, UN
Hometown: Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, now Elmont, New York

For the past 6 years, Akila has served as Head Coach of Empire Dragons, New York City’s first and only breast cancer survivor Dragon Boat team focused on building the most successful survivorship paddling program in the tri-state area.

The club promotes the sport of dragon boating as part of a healthy lifestyle and provide a unique support for those fighting cancer. This July, Empire will head to Florence, Italy for the International Breast Cancer Paddler's Commission Dragon Boat Festival. The festival will have 129 teams from 17 countries with all continents represented. 


How/when did you get involved in Row House?
I was introduced by a friend about 3 years ago. Last year our paddling team wanted to do some cross training in the off season and Row House came to mind again. A few of us came back took some classes, fell in love with it and signed up immediately.

Tell us more about the team's training.
The festival in Italy will mark the first international race for the club, and we are psyched. We came to Row House because there are many similarities between both sports, and we wanted to provide the team with cross training that was varied yet still held similar fundamentals. The team embraced the Row House experience as many of the coaches they worked with were former rowers and had a good understanding of what the women were attempting to achieve. The workouts were challenging, informative, fun and most importantly the whole boat was able to come in and work together toward a common goal.  

Do you remember your first workout? How was it?
It was not my first class, but it was my first Full Row with Tom. For the duration of the class, all I could think was "I want to achieve splits like his. How can I do that?" This class tapped into my athletic/competitive spirit and was the impetus for me to view my classes in a different way. I began setting goals for each class and strategizing on how to get them accomplished. I’m quite happy to say that I am making progress with each passing day.


How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?
Over the past year and a half, I have become more disciplined in devoting the time needed to focus on my health and wellness and prioritizing myself. 

What's your workout history like? How is Row House different than what you've done before?
I grew up playing sports (lacrosse, tennis, badminton), working out and have paddled for over 11 years (outrigger and dragon boat canoes). After having sustained multiple injuries, I had to scale back on much physical activity. During my rehab period, I found that I was unable to find an aerobic movement at the gym to give me the intensity I was accustomed to. Discovering rowing has brought back the high energy, powerful and fun workouts that I love. Joining Row House has been one of the most beneficial things I have done for myself. 

What do you enjoy most about Row House?
The challenge to become a better athlete/person never ends. Every class brings an opportunity to set a new and or different goal. You can compete against yourself or you can compete against others (if you sneak a peek at the monitor next to you). ☺

What keeps you coming back?
The coaches and staff are all very friendly, supportive and continue to push me to do my best. Being in a space with like-minded individuals is quite refreshing and motivating. 

What's your favorite class type and movement?
I love Full Row classes. These make me feel as if I am back on the water with my paddling team and in full training mode. A runner up for me is the Restore classes. With them I can focus on stretching and lengthening muscles, which I don’t do enough of on my own.  


Do you have any advice for new members?  
Never shy away from a challenge. They are there to push us beyond our self-imposed limits. Take a class and keep going. It only gets better with time. 
What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
To become stronger, faster and leaner. Rowing wise I hope to find my lowest split yet, taking my workouts into another realm of possibilities. I would also like to work on improving my 2k time. 

How would you describe yourself?
I am strong willed and determined. I do live for a good challenge and while it is fun to compete with others, I love competing with myself. There is something that I find exhilarating about setting high goals and surpassing them. Once they are achieved I really feel that I can do anything. 



Meet the Crew Member: Alec


Name: Alec Malstrom
Occupation: Software Engineer, Etsy
Hometown: Lake Orion, Michigan
Which Row House do you use most? Chelsea

How/when did you get involved in Row House?
I started at Row House in February 2017. I saw an advertisement for Row House when I interviewed for my job. After I got the job and moved to New York, I knew I had to start at Row House.

Do you remember your first workout? How was it?
It may not have been my first workout, but I remember that early on, I was in one of Bethany's classes. She came over and saw that my split was about 5 seconds slower than the last piece and she called me out. It was (and is) invaluable to have somebody else who could push me harder when I was exhausted.

How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?
This was a time of dramatic change for me. I moved to a new city, got my first job, and started a whole new life.


What's your workout history like? How is Row House different than what you've done before?
I've been a rower for about 10 years now. I went through a fairly long hiatus towards the end of college where I tried a few other things like running and lifting. Nothing has been able to stick like rowing has. Finding Row House and getting back into rowing has been the most successful workout I've had since then.

What do you enjoy most about Row House?  What keeps you coming back?
As cheesey as it sounds, the Row House community is definitely the thing that keeps me coming back. Everyone that works and rows at Row House is so inviting. They make coming to the gym so much more fun.

What's your favorite class type and movement?
I'm all about the Full Row (aka Level 2, aka Competition) classes. Put me on an erg and let's row for 45 minutes.

Do you have any advice for new members?
Talk to people! Going to the gym can be such a drag. But it's so much better when you get to chat with your instructors, and the front desk, and the person on the erg next to you.


What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
I'm looking to beat my 2k personal best. Last June, I hit my personal best after a Full Row class, and I'm looking to beat that time now (see you on March 31!).

Tell us about your racing history at Row House!
I love competition! I've always thrived in competitions. I decided I wanted to win the Resolve to Row Challenge (was that even a competition, or did I just make it one?). So when they announced that there'd also be a 10K and Half Marathon row, I knew that I wanted to compete in those as well. And they were so much fun! It was great to be with surrounded by all the people participating in Resolve to Row as we pushed ourselves to go so far! I'm currently gunning for the top seed in the March Meter Madness and am really looking forward to the Relays later this month!



Meet the Crew Members: Kelly & Raj


Names: Kelly O’Donnell and Raj Palchaudhuri
Occupations: Advertising & Promotions Paralegal; Product Technologist at Dell
Hometowns: Dallas, Texas; Grosse Pointe, Michigan

How/when did you get involved in Row House? 
My friend Kristen talked me into buying a Gilt voucher not long after Row House opened its Columbus Circle location and I was hooked. I got Raj to try it when he was looking for a new way to be active.

How did you two meet?
I tell people we met a bar. Raj tells people we met at a “live music venue.” We met at Prohibition on the UWS on Leap Day 2012.

Do you remember your first workout? How was it?
Kelly: I think my first class was with Eric. I vividly remember him telling me that my squats weren’t low enough, haha.
Raj: I took a class with Kirby at CC. Row appealed to me right away.

How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.? 
Kelly: I love Row House because it allows me to compete against myself or take it easy and still feel like I got a good workout. It also helps me fight the winter blues! 
Raj: I’ve lost around 20 pounds, and my overall health is significantly better!


What's your workout history like? How is Row House different than what you've done before?Kelly: I used to do Jane Fonda videos in the 90s! I’ve done it all from yoga to pilates to running to strength training. I also do some Beach Body workouts at home. I love that Row House works my body without killing my joints. After years of running, it’s great to find something that works me just as hard without the damage to my body. 
Raj: I’ve always been into team sports — football, basketball, soccer. I play on a handful of Zog football teams throughout the years. I never really had to work at being fit when I was younger, but I definitely need some activity now! 

Do you work out together? If so, what do you enjoy about it?
We sometimes take the same class but we never sit next to each other. It’s too distracting. I also like the front row and Raj prefers the middle row. 

How do you support each other’s fitness goals?
We try to coordinate taking class so that whoever isn’t taking class or took class earlier can start dinner or run errands (if needed), so it never feels like working out is a chore or taking time away from other things that need doing.

What do you enjoy most about Row House? 
Kelly: I’ve always really liked the vibe and everyone is super friendly. All of the instructors give you a little something different so I can pick and choose what kind of workout I want or need each time.
Raj: It’s a great workout in a short time. It never feels onerous and has delivered great results for me.


What keeps you coming back?
All of the above!

Do you have any advice for new members?          
Everyone should definitely try 3 to 5 classes before deciding how they feel about rowing. Also try different instructors because every instructor’s class is pretty different. You also can’t pay attention to anyone else’s numbers, especially in the beginning when you’re still figuring it how it all fits together.  

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year? 
Kelly: I hope to keep the momentum from January. I’m aiming for that 1-million meter mark!
Raj: I hope to get closer to Kelly’s row numbers 😊



Celebrating Spencer's new album

RH Headshot.jpg

Spencer's new album, Focus, drops this Friday. To celebrate, we're turning up the volume for a Restore Row at 8:30 PM Monday, Feb. 26 at Chelsea. Keep reading to learn more about Spencer's album and his favorite tunes.

Tell us about your new album.
If you only know me through taking my Row House class, I imagine this album may be a little surprising ... It's the kind of music you listen to on a long train ride home in the snow or curled up next to a fire. It's a reflective look at our relationship with the past — how we remember the people and places that we love. For years I've been making R&B/Soul music with my band The Rooks, but this project is my first solo effort, and the sound is more on the indie/pop/make-you-feel-feelings side of things. 

What’s your music background? How did you get into it?
I started playing saxophone when I was 10, then pursued music in high school and college, mostly studying jazz. I also grew up with a mother who is choral director, so singing has always been a big part of my life. 
Do you have any shows coming up?
Yes! I'm having an album release show on Friday, February 23rd at 61 Local in Brooklyn, NY at 9:00 PM. I'll be playing all new music from the album with a live band. 
Who should listen to your music? (You’d like this if you like _____.)
I would say my music is somewhere on the Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean continuum. So if you like any of those, there's something here for you. And as you can tell from those artists, this album is not exactly one that's going to get you pumped up in a HIIT class ... But it will be perfect for a Restore class. 

What are your desert island albums? If you could only bring three with you, what would they be?
Oof this is a tough one. Just three? Okay ... "Songs in the Key of Life" by Stevie Wonder, "Sign O' The Times" by Prince, and "Blonde" by Frank Ocean. Usually my barometer for friendship is if the other person likes Prince. And kindness, I guess. 


What are your favorite artists or songs to row to?
I love rowing to pop music that's upbeat and has a great groove. Artists like Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Walk The Moon, The Chainsmokers — they're all great for that. Also don't sleep on DJ Khaled! He's a ridiculous person and makes great workout music. What more do you want? 

What kind of music do you like to play in class?
I try to keep it current while every now and then putting in a little throwback vibe for the people. My playlists for this week include Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Miguel, HAIM, and Ludacris, among others. My favorite new song to row to though is "The Middle" by Zedd and Maren Morris. That song is a straight up banger. 

How important is music during a class?
It's everything! If I can usually tell how good an instructor's music is by looking at my total distance at the end of class. Seriously. When we all row to the beat together, I think everybody in the room feeds off the energy. There's nothing quite like it. 

Anything else?
The album will be available on Friday, February 23rd on Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming platforms! For foolishness and minimal serious content, check out my social media pages: @spencerHmusic. For more serious news/future releases, check out my website 



Get to Know Bethany

Learn more about Bethany, our Row House Chelsea Head Coach.

When did you start at Row House? 
I started coaching at Row House in September 2015 at Columbus Circle. I was part of the first group to go through our Row House University program!

What do you do when you're not rowing? 
When I'm not rowing, you can find me practicing or teaching aerial. Spanish Web and Silks are my specialty! I'm also into yoga, dance, and shopping for hip workout gear!

What's your favorite music to work out to? 
I really enjoy working out to hip hop/rap but also like musicals. I've been really into the greatest showman playlist lately. My favorite band is The Head and the Heart.

What's your favorite class type to teach? 
I love teaching all of our class types, but if I had to pick one it would be HIIT. I really like the combination of intensity and low impact.

What's your go to breakfast? 
My favorite breakfast is a toss up between avocado toast and French toast!


What's your favorite TV show right now? 
Right now I've been into "This is Us," “How to Get Away with Murder,” and always SNL.

What do you enjoy most about working at RH? 
The members! I love the energy and vibe our members bring to each class. Doesn't matter what type of workout, they are always up for the challenge! Resolve 2 Row is my favorite time of year — starting the new year off as a strong, encouraging community.


What's your guilty pleasure? 
A toss up between banana pudding or cupcakes!

What's a food you can't live without?
I can’t live without my daily coffee.

Favorite book/currently reading? 
“The Alchemist.” Highly recommend it!



Get to Know Gretchen

Learn more about Gretchen, our Row House Columbus Circle Head Coach.


When did you start at Row House?
October 1, 2014

What do you do when you're not rowing? 
Any outdoor activities, workouts involving weights and kettlebells, spinning, cooking, traveling (especially to the warmer climates), and spending time with friends and family.

What's your favorite to work out to? 
This is a tough one … 80s and 90s are always fun and rap for really intense workouts (not the PG tunes). I love Kesha, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, and lots more divas, then of course folk rock/bluegrass like The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, and Youngblood.

What's your favorite class type to teach? 
I am really loving our Sculpt and Restore classes.

What's your go to breakfast? 
Eggs, avocado, and sweet potato. Sometimes a salad or smoothie. In a pinch, fruit and nuts or RX bar (easy for travel).


What's your favorite TV show right now? 
Any on HBO or Will and Grace

What do you enjoy most about working at RH? 
Our clients and that we are bringing rowing to a whole new level!

What's your guilty pleasure? 
Chocolate chip cookies, specifically Levain Bakery

What's a food you can't live without? 
Pizza and coffee!



Get to know an Olympian: Rower Grace Luczak


The Olympics kick off Friday, Feb. 9 and we chatted with Olympic rower and world record holder Grace Luczak. Find out how Grace trains and her thoughts on indoor rowing.

Grace holds two world records and is a three-time world champion and six-time national champion with USA crews. She was named one of the 2016 top 10 female rowers in the world by World Rowing.

In 2016, she was part of the USA women's rowing team and took home fourth in Rio.

Training like an athlete

Rowing races are 2,000 meters — about 1.25 miles — and that can take 6 to 7.5 minutes depending on the team, Grace said. Despite the low race mileage, rowers train as many miles in a week as a typical marathon runner.

“We’re racing for a mile and we do the same amount of volume,” she said.

Grace’s workouts are based around cardiovascular training. She trains in different boat classes throughout the year, spending much of her time alone or in a pair.

When she’s not on the water, Grace spends a lot of time on the rowing machine, or erg. Without the distraction of the water and a teammate, she said, being on the rowing machine helps build up the mental toughness she needs during races.


She and her teammates take on the same workouts and are ranked weekly. The rankings are progressive throughout the year and guide team selection.

A common workout is 2x6000: Row 6,000 meters, rest 7 minutes, then row 6,000 meters. The catch? The second section must be faster.

“It’s pretty tough,” Grace said. “Lots of burn and lots of mental fortitude is being built during those workouts.” Doing the workout as a group makes it a lot more fun, Grace said.

“That’s the nice thing about coming to Row House. It’s a similar environment where people are all working out together and there’s that community,” she said. “However hard the workout is, you’re sharing that experience together. I think that gives you confidence to push a little harder.”

Grace says she has enjoyed seeing the rise of rowing in the past few years. “Rowing is a total body workout. It’s a great community sport.”


Starting out

Grace grew up playing different sports, including volleyball and basketball. “A lot of them I literally grew out of,” she said — like field hockey where the sticks weren’t long enough anymore.

Her mom read a New York Times article encouraging parents of tall girls — Grace is 6’3” — to get them into rowing. Her freshman year, Grace joined her school’s rowing team.

“When I first started I thought it was very relaxing, then you realize there’s a whole other intensity level to it.”

She made the Junior Nationals and competed in an Olympics test event in 2008. She rowed at Michigan freshman year, then transferred to Stanford in California.

Rowing on the water

Grace encourages those who enjoy indoor rowing to get out on the water. (Keep an eye for Row House's on the water events this summer!)

“It’s really nice to get outside” she said. For first time rowers, Grace says, helps to be in a larger boat with people who have rowed before. “You definitely have the benefit of being able to mimic what’s being done around you.”

Another pro tip: “If you’re ever in trouble, just put your oar in the water.”

Keep an eye out for Grace around Columbus Circle. If you see her, say hi!








Meet the Crew Member: Yasmine

rowing picture 2.jpg

Learn more about our newest Row House Coach, Yasmine. This Mamaroneck, NY native is a pre-med student and rowed all through college.

Why do you like rowing? 
I love how rowing can bring a group of different people all together to row in sync with so much power and rhythm. I also love the tough mentality you have to have in the sport. And, in general, the setting of rowing is beautiful for so many reasons — we're outdoors on the water with the sun beaming when most people are still asleep. 

What do you feel is your strength as Row House instructor?
I have definitely had my share of time on the erg, and I know how hard it can be sometimes. Part of the reason why I want to coach is to help people push past their limits and become more confident in chasing after their goals! I want everyone to walk out of my class feeling like they bettered themselves both mentally and physically to get after what they set their mind to. Rowing is super mental!

How do you want your rowers to feel during your class?
I want my rowers to feel the energy of the room and have a great time when they're working hard! I want them to know I'm here for them to help them get more from each stroke they take to get after the results they want.

What are 3 adjectives that describe your class?
Highly motivating, competitive, and fun!

Outside of Row House or rowing, what do you do for fitness?
I love staying fit in so many different ways. CrossFit, Barry's Bootcamp, and hot yoga are some of my favorites. 

rowing picture 5.jpeg

Did you row in school? Where?
I have rowed since freshman year of high school and was recruited to row Division 1 at Syracuse University on an athletic scholarship for all four years.

What is something goofy about you? 
I once ate an entire jar of PB in less than 5 minutes.

Anything else to add?
I'm pre-med and hoping to get into medical school soon!



Half Marathon Tips & Tricks


The countdown to our next half marathon is on. Strapping in for 21,097 meters? Keep reading for tips on fueling, pacing and recovery. And rest assured: If you regularly take Row House classes, you’re probably more prepared than you realize.

Be sure to hydrate the day before, as well as during the row. We’ll have coaches walking around to fill water bottles during the race, so you won’t have to worry about getting off to refill. Pro tip: Squirt top bottles make drinking during your row easier.

Be sure to eat enough the day before and the morning of the half marathon. Hint: Carbs are your friend! If you’ve used gel packs before and know your stomach can handle them, go for it. But don’t try anything new on race day.

If this is your first half marathon, your goal is simple: finish!

Remember, 21,097 meters typically takes anywhere from 60 to 180 minutes. It’s not a sprint — it’s smooth, slow, calm and steady. Resist the urge to come out hard, and settle into a pace you know you can maintain. You can always speed up, but it'll be hard to recover if you push too much to start.

Sit up tall, set your breathing in sync with your pace, then it’s one stroke after another, each one just like the last. A good goal is to aim to maintain your split at about 30 seconds slower than your average 3-minute piece.

This calculator from Concept 2 can help you find a pace and total time.

You can take 60 to 90 second breaks as needed, but make them intentional. Watch the clock to ensure you’re not off the machine longer than you planned.

Gatorade or a banana is great during the row if you need to bring up your energy or sugar levels.  Know that your muscles may start to tighten or cramp after 16,000 meters. Taking additional nutrients will help you cross the finish line, and make the post-row recovery a little easier.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! You need to replenish the water you lose during the half marathon. Coconut water is great for hydration and will give you a small carb boost.

You may finish with a sprint, or at least a faster pace than you maintained during the bulk of the row. After you finish, don’t hop right off the machine. The worst thing you can do after rowing 21,097 is to lay down and stop moving. Your muscles could cramp, and you’ll set yourself up for extra soreness and stiffness. Let your heart rate come down during a 5-minute cool down, which will doing wonders for your recovery.

In the days following the half, listen to your body. You’ll likely need to take it easy, especially if this is your first half. That doesn’t mean spending all day sitting or laying down. Gentle movement will speed up recovery.

A slow walk or row — join for a Restore class — will help you shake out your muscles. Spend some time foam rolling, stretching or doing restorative yoga, and be sure to get a good night's sleep after your half marathon.

Questions? Just ask us! Our coaches are happy to help you come up with a plan to tackle a half marathon. 



Meet the Crew Member: Ben


Get to know Ben Farmer, Chelsea Front Desk Customer Experience Coordinator.

What does a day at Row House look like for you?
Early mornings for sure, either 4 or 5 a.m., Monday through Friday! It’s a day filled with familiar faces looking to push themselves further in their workouts, as well new athletes looking for a studio to call home. I make sure they feel welcome, at home, and empowered for the journey they’re about to take with us.

What's your favorite class type?
Bethany’s Full Body 45 class is always a go-to for me. It feels like MY class. I love the sense of ownership she gives all of her athletes, her energy and showmanship, her focus on breath and form and rowing as one unit, and the fact I get 9000+ meters every class!

Favorite off-the-rower movement?
I’ve been making my peace with push-ups. I like hand-release ones with a 3-second count down to the floor.


What's your biggest rowing accomplishment?
My first Half Marathon was pretty great! We had such an incredible group of both athletes and coaches in the room. It was an amazing energy.

When did you do your first half marathon row? Tell us about it.
I believe it in January of ‘16, about 4 months after Chelsea opened. I wanted to test myself and my endurance, as I’d been taking classes pretty consistently up to that point.

What made you decide to go back for 2, 3 and 4?
Just like any RH class, I had a time to beat! I had and kept a certain split time and set a new PR for myself! The 3rd I finished behind my old time, so this 4th is when I’ll set my record straight! I always swear to never do another, but whenever one is put on the schedule, I crumble.

What have you learned along the way? Has each one been different?
I think what I’ve learned most is to take my pride out of the equation, and be okay with holding a higher stroke rate than what I’m used to. In class, I want to hold under a 2:00 split at all times (except for paddling out). So for something like this, it’s been very humbling to hold a higher split, keep it consistent, and just be okay with that. Because if you go too hard too fast too long, you’ll run out of gas REALLY fast. And it’s 21,097 meters!

Why do you participate in Resolve 2 Row?
I LOVE starting off a new year with a fitness challenge like Resolve. Those who row know that there’s nothing more efficient in a cardio workout. Even at 33, because of rowing, I’m in the best shape of my life. It’s also a great way for me as an RH employee to get more involved in the community. I love rowing with our athletes, and they love having me in class in the front, doing my best to hold it down!


Where can we find you when you're not at Row House?
When I’m not at RH in Chelsea, you can find me at EVF Performance on Sundays for their Bodybuilding class, at home with the wife and pup in Washington Heights, or hopefully on set for some local film and TV!




Between-class stretches

One of our favorite ways to recover and relax between classes is with a good stretch session.

If you need to work out some soreness before a workout, move through these movements relatively quickly, holding each one for about 30 seconds per side. If you're stretching first thing in the morning, before bed or post-workout, take your time. Hold each pose for 1 to 3 minutes and let yourself relax into the poses.

Remember: These stretches should feel good! Never push so hard that you're in pain. Results come with consistency. Chronically tight hips won't loosen up with just a few stretch sessions. Try adding 5 to 10 minutes of stretching to your routine a few days a week, and let us know how much better you feel.

To get you started, here are a couple stretches we love after a tough week of rowing.


Lunge hip flexor stretch

Targets: Hip flexors and lats

Lunge forward with one foot, and lower your weight all the way down. Tuck your hips to keep your spine neutral. Reach your arms up, then lean to the side, across the front leg. Repeat on the other side.


Pigeon pose

Targets: Hips, piriformis and glutes

Start on your hands and knees or in downward dog. Bring one knee forward and out to the side. Tuck your toes, and slide your leg back. Relax your hips toward the ground, using your hands or arms for support. Work your torso closer to the floor as you progress, starting with forearms to the floor, then chest to the ground. Be patient! It may take time to get as deep as Sydney. Repeat on both sides.


Hamstring stretch

Targets: Hamstrings

From your lunge stretch, send the hips back. Lean forward over the front leg, stretching the hamstring. If you flexibility allows, reach the hands forward. If not, rest them on the knee, shin or foot. Repeat on the other leg.



Meet the Crew Member: Dylan


Name: Dylan Adams
Occupation: Actor/Singer
Hometown: Plain City, UT
Which Row House do you use most? Row House Chelsea 

How/when did you get involved in Row House? 
I made a New Year’s Resolution for myself that I wanted to take care of my body better. I was looking for something that would not require me to be at the gym for hours on end and that would work my entire body, which led me to search online for most effective workouts with a busy schedule. Rowing came up in the search, and it led me to Row House. I decided to give it a try and started my journey with rowing in mid-January. 

Do you remember your first workout? How was it? 
I remember how welcoming the staff was when I went to Columbus Circle for the first time. Melissa was great at teaching me the basics, and I remember really enjoying the workout because it was the first time in a long time I got into a groove with a physical workout. 

How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.? 
My health has changed so much in this last year. People who have known me for a long time have noticed how much rowing has changed my health. Physically, I have gained 10 pounds of muscle since I started at Row House in January. Mentally, it has helped my mood when I am dealing with very stressful days. When I leave, I am in a centered place, able to focus more and in a better mood. Healthwise, Row House has forced me to look at how I eat. I am much more conscious of the foods I eat. I also stopped drinking soda this year, which has drastically helped my sleep. 

  Dylan and Coach Caley after Dylan hit 1 million meters

Dylan and Coach Caley after Dylan hit 1 million meters

What's your workout history like? How is Row House different than what you've done before? Before Row House, dance classes and recreational sports with friends were my main workouts. Gyms have never been a comfortable place for me, so stepping into Row House for me was willingly stepping out of my comfort zone. 

What do you enjoy most about Row House? 
The community. The community at Row House is very friendly and supportive. I have met so many great people that I would have never met without Row House. 

What keeps you coming back? 
Row House keeps me accountable toward my health. I work and do better when I am being held accountable. Because of that, I was able to start tracking my meters in February of 2017 and row a million meters by the middle of November 2017.  

What's your favorite class type and movement?
I honestly love all the classes for different reasons, but I love Bethany's Full Body class. My favorite movement on the floor work is a weaving side arm plank. 

Do you have any advice for new members?
Hold yourself accountable to every workout you do. It is your time to be present and you only have to worry about yourself. Talk with the staff. They want to help you! They want to know what goals you are trying to accomplish so they can help you best reach them. The last advice I have is show up. There are days we all don't want to go to the gym but if you show up, I promise you will feel better when you leave. 

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year? 
I have three goals for myself in 2018:
1. Row a half marathon or start training competitively.
2. Get my low split to 1:30 when sprinting.
3. Row 1.5 million meters in 2018.

How would you describe yourself? 
I am kind, friendly, driven and motivated in my career. I love theatre and seeing theatre.  




Staying Fit This Holiday Season

Our coaches share their tips and tricks on how to stay healthy this holiday season.

Make healthy swaps

Macy, her mom and grandmother gather in December to bake candies, cookies and cakes for her family to enjoy through the Christmas season. This year she's mandating swapping out traditional ingredients for healthy alternatives.

"We’re replacing regular flour with coconut flour, regular milk and almond milk, and (if I can convince my Southern grandmother), avocado for butter. Chia and flax seeds may even be making an appearance in her kitchen this year!" Here's a list of other relevant replacements holiday bakers and cooks can consider in the coming weeks.


She's also petitioning to replace an afternoon nap on Christmas day with a family fun run. "As of now, I’m the only registered participant, but I’m optimistic."

Up your cardio

Caley plans to up her cardio and conditioning this month. "I love lifting weights, but I’m going to make sure that I’m rowing a lot to stay trim! I also find that rowing specifically does wonders for the abs!"

Maintain your current routine

Tom suggests sticking as close as you can to your workout and eating schedule. "Keep that alarm set (maybe sleep in an extra hour) and get moving! Even if your only option involves lacing up your running shoes and doing a body weight circuit, you'll feel better for maintaining that commitment to yourself."

For a great full body workout you can do anywhere, try 3x10 minutes running (or your favorite low-impact alternative) at a moderate pace. Between pieces, knock out your 5 favorite floor moves from Row House's full body class for 1 minute each. Try squats, walkouts, push-ups, lunges, planks, and finish up with double squats to really hit your buns for the holidays!


Try something new

Use travel as an opportunity to try something new, Tom suggests. "Never done a bootcamp or always wanted to pop into a boxing class? Explore your location and take a vacation from your routine to keep things interesting!"

Move every day

Spencer makes it a priority to get in motion at least once per day. "I know it's tempting to kick back and relax while you're off for the holidays, but staying active is going to boost your metabolism in the face of all those holiday sweets. Even if it's just getting outside for a walk, make sure you do something active every day!"

Enlist a friend and sweat together

Find a buddy or two (brother/sister, mom/dad, cousin who's home for the holidays) and sweat. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, be creative!


Meet the Rower: Dominic


Meet the Rower: Dominic

Name: Dominic 

Occupation:  Architect

Hometown: London, England


How did you get involved in Row House?

Back in August 2016, I was looking for a new challenge.

Do you remember your first workout? 

Yes! I discovered that I really enjoyed the energy of rowing together in a group. I rowed in a crew over 25 years ago on the river Thames and loved it – so it was fun to rediscover the crew feeling but in the easily accessible context of a fitness studio class.

What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?

Over the years, I have pursued several fitness plans from the “do nothing at all” plan to trying to stay motived with a gym membership and even martial arts. I was starting to feel that I was slowly and steadily putting on pounds and not shedding them as easily as before. I was also looking for a pursuit with low impact as I have noticed that muscle injuries have started to take longer to heal.

Once I started to see how much I enjoyed rowing again I set myself the goal of losing 20 pounds in 3 months and achieved it pretty easily taking two or three classes as week and being more disciplined about eating right. Now my goals are about maintaining the weight I want to be at while improving stamina and fitness while focusing on getting my rowing form correct at every stroke – that’s one of the hardest things to achieve, but feels right when you take a perfect stroke.

How have you grown in that time you've been with us?

I am certainly feeling fitter and healthier carrying less weight around and being more conscious of my posture. After a busy day, the energy of a row house class quickly pushes stress away while you focus on getting the most efficient stroke right.

What do you enjoy most about Row House?

Small scale, friendly, totally nonjudgmental environment where staff goes out of their way to get to know you and make you feel welcome.

Do you have a favorite workout, or class?

In the last few months I have really been enjoying the Level 2 classes when we go through racing drills and distance pieces. These classes are best when they are small as the focus on split times and stroke rates is intense. Bethany’s Full Body classes are a constant go-to for me as she reads the mix of people in a class very well and tailors erg work and floor work perfectly to keep an elevated heart rate; achieve meaningful results in terms of split times and distances on the erg and also do a full set of repetitions on the floor. All while being a very motivating and fun coach!

I really liked the team spirt that came out during the 100,000M January challenge. It was great way to break down barriers between your fellow rowers and I personally loved the challenge of really trying to maximize my meters while still participating in all the aspects of a class. I needed to pick up some meters to make the challenge in an open class but even that ended up as a sort of meditative experience.

Do you have any advice for new members?

Get to know your favorite coaches and they will help you keep track of how you are doing with your goals and your training.

Dominic has become a studio favorite at Row House Chelsea, he even got back in the boat with Coach Jon earlier this summer during our On The Water Summer Series! 



Client to Coach


Client to Coach

When you meet this Georgia-peach, you'll isntantly be graced with Southern-Hospitality that abounds like nothing you've ever seen! Macy came to the Row House family by way of her four-legged friend, Goose. One fall day in 2016, Goose took an unexpected right turn, causing Macy to severely break her leg. With a long road to recovery, Macy stumbled upon Row House and never looked back... 

Meet Macy: 

Row House Birthdate:  I took my first class in January 2017 and I taught my first class in June 2017. 

Why do you like rowing?  Rowing was a key part of my physical (and mental) recovery after I broke my right leg in October 2016. I was a cardio-aholic prior to the accident that left me immobile for a few months. Rowing, which is low-impact enough to accommodate a leg injury, gave me my cardio back. 

(On a less sentimental note, I’m a shameless bikini enthusiast — so any exercise that tones my legs, arms, and abs at the same time (lookin’ at you, erg) is my jam.)

What do you feel is your strength as a row house coach? I’m fairly new (but highly committed!) to both the fitness space and rowing world, so you can trust me with your most clueless exercise and rowing-related questions and I promise not to judge you. We’re on a wellness adventure together, y’all!

How do you want your rowers to feel during your class? I want rowers to sweat, smile, and seek out their best split times — then, leave class feeling totally empowered.

What are three adjectives to describe your class?  Spirited, sassy, and super sweaty. 

Outside of Row house, or rowing what do you do for fitness?  Catch me jogging through Central Park with my 107-pound yellow lab (and best friend), Goose. 

What is your biggest rowing accomplishment (on erg or water)?  Finding a sport that’s fun, keeps me fit, and has introduced me to a whole new community in big ole New York City (shout out to my Row House fam) is both an accomplishment and a dream come true. 

Where are you from?  I hail from a small town in the Northeast Georgia mountains.

 Macy can be found on the schedule at Row House Columbus Circle + Chelsea most weekends.

Macy can be found on the schedule at Row House Columbus Circle + Chelsea most weekends.


How to Row For The Cure


How to Row For The Cure

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and here's how you can take your love of rowing, and use it for a good cause!

All month long we'll be hosting classes for several great causes. All you need to do is come, possibly bring a friend, and donate if you're feeling extra generous!

The first great cause is Recovery on Water, affectionately known as ROW. 

Recovery on Water (ROW) is a rowing team that gives survivors of breast cancer the unique opportunity to interact, become active in their recovery, and gain support from fellow survivors. ROW provides free exercise for patients and survivors of breast cancer 7 days a week and year round. Exercise has been shown to decrease cancer recurrence in breast cancer survivors by up to 50%. 

Our 2017 impact study shows that ROW increases exercise frequency in survivors that join the team by 78%. 95% of team members share that ROW makes them feel part of a community and less alone. 97% say that ROW has helped in their efforts to
maintain a healthy body weight and 100% of respondents would (and do!) recommend ROW to other patients and survivors of breast cancer.

Donations can be made at

Next up, is Row for the Cure. This dedicated group of volunteers travel far and wide, to rally the rowing community to host local regattas to benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation. You can find a local regatta near you by checking out their website, or take part in the fun, but attending one of the Row House PINK EVENTS this October!

If you're looking to donate directly to the fight here in New York City, we also strongly encourage donating here. 


Healthy Ways to Spike Lemonade


Healthy Ways to Spike Lemonade

Row House Staffer Dre’s favorite summer time post-workout drink is… lemonade: it’s refreshing, sweet, and the epitome of summer time. Here she gives us some of her favorite add-ins to for the season.