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Kick off summer with our challenge to row as many meters as you can in 6 weeks!

The Summer Beat the Heat Challenge runs June 20 through August 1. During the challenge, we'll log your meters, and you'll earn sweet prizes for hitting milestones. We're hitting the ground strong with a kick-off row, and celebrating at the finish line with a wrap party. 

The details:

  • All meters rowed in Row House classes from June 20 to August 1 count toward your total. We’ll automatically track your meters rowed, and your progress will be displayed on our challenge leaderboard. 

  • Aim to row 125,000 meters, and get prizes along with way. Row with us 3 to 4 times a week to hit the mark.  (Keep reading!)

  • Due to technical constraints, meters rowed elsewhere or outside class times cannot be included. High five for any extra meters logged!

You can’t have “friendly competition” if you aren’t making friends! Be sure to wear your entry bracelet to class and high five your fellow challengers.

Beat the Heat is open to all levels: First-timers to seasoned rowers. ENROLL NOW!


Our calendar will have themed rows, social events and plenty of unique opportunities to get your meters in. Mark your calendars for the June 20 kick off and August 1 wrap party!  


For single class users and introductory package holders, entry is just $20.18. Members and package holders (5-class package or more), your entry fee is on us! Use code MEMBERS.

Your entry fee gets you a spot in our kick off class and wrap party.

#RHBeatTheHeat #ThoseWhoKnowRow

Now, onto the prizes!

This competition comes with a lot of perks. In addition to burning tons of calories, meeting new people, building strength and endurance, and getting toned all month long, we're giving away fun prizes to reward your hard work.

Hit 25,000 meters: Receive a Row House pop socket
Hit 50,000 meters: Receive a Row House summer survival kit: sunglasses + chapstick
Hit 100,000 meters: Receive a Row House beach bag

If you hit 125,000 meters, receive a limited edition Beat the Heat 2018 Row House beach towel. 

Plus, the male and female rowers that hit the most meters will win a complimentary unlimited month of Row House classes!

The fine print
Meters only count between June 20 and August 1. No extensions.
Meters will be logged using the Row House Tracking System.
Meters from up to 2 classes per day will count toward your total meters.